Michael Jordan Set to Sell Majority Ownership Stake in Charlotte Hornets

Michael Jordan Set to Sell Majority Ownership Stake in Charlotte Hornets


In a significant development for the Charlotte Hornets franchise, basketball legend Michael Jordan is on the verge of selling his majority share. The impending sale, which was announced recently, marks a notable transition for the team and its ownership structure. This article delves into the details of the sale, the potential new owners, and the future prospects for the Hornets.

1: The Sale of Majority Stake: Michael Jordan’s Transition

After a 13-year tenure as majority owner, Michael Jordan is now in the final stages of selling his majority share in the Charlotte Hornets. The transaction represents a significant milestone in the team’s history and brings an end to Jordan’s ownership era. Despite his unparalleled success as a player, Jordan’s stint as an owner did not witness the same level of achievement on the court.

2: Potential New Owners: A Diverse Ownership Group

The Hornets announced that the purchasing group will be led by Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall. Plotkin, a current minority stakeholder, has been associated with the Hornets since 2019, while Schnall has prior ownership experience with the Atlanta Hawks. Notably, this ownership group consists of diverse members, including recording artist J. Cole, Dan Sundheim, Ian Loring, country music singer-songwriter Eric Church, and several local Charlotte investors.

3: Jordan’s Legacy as an Owner: The Hornets’ Performance

During Jordan’s ownership, the Charlotte Hornets struggled to achieve significant success. Despite his remarkable career as a player, the team failed to reach championship levels under his leadership. With a win-loss record placing them 26th among all teams during his ownership, the Hornets faced ongoing challenges and haven’t won a playoff series in over two decades.

4: The Future of the Charlotte Hornets: Prospects and Expectations

With the sale of the majority stake, the Charlotte Hornets enter a new phase under the leadership of the potential new ownership group. The team has some promising assets, including rising star LaMelo Ball, Terry Rozier, Gordon Hayward, and other talented players. As they hold the second overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft, the Hornets have a chance to add further talent to their roster and rebuild for future success.


Michael Jordan’s decision to sell his majority ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets marks an important milestone for the franchise. As the team looks toward the future, a diverse ownership group led by Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall will take the helm. With young talents like LaMelo Ball and upcoming draft picks, the Hornets have an opportunity to rebuild and aim for success in the coming seasons. The NBA landscape continues to evolve, and the impact of this ownership transition will be closely watched by basketball enthusiasts worldwide.

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