MobileCoin CEO says crypto must make space for more women


On Episode 30 of Hashing It Out, Elisha Owusu Akyaw speaks with Sara Drakeley, CEO of MobileCoin, a company enabling cryptocurrency payments through instant messaging applications such as Signal. Drakeley talks about going from working on animated films like Frozen and Moana at Disney to entering the cryptocurrency space. She also shares her experience as a mother in crypto and explains what is happening at MobileCoin.

Drakeley shares her journey in the Web3 space and highlights her encounters as a woman in leadership. She acknowledges that crypto has a reputation as being a “bro space,” especially when looking at the marketing of some projects. However, she also points out that there are some pockets of inclusiveness that create safe spaces for women in the arena. Drakeley adds that despite the existence of these safe spaces, the cryptocurrency world needs to find ways to accommodate the particular needs of women who are mothers, for instance. Although this may not be an accommodation necessary for many, the ability to manage these special cases will go a long way to creating a welcoming environment.