Score, outcome, and highlights of Argentina vs. Australia as Lionel Messi leads the world champions to victory over the Socceroos.

Argentina vs. Australia

In Beijing, Lionel Messi scored the first goal in Argentina’s 2-0 victory over a tenacious Australia, orchestrating yet another triumph for the world champions.

He scored the first goal in the friendly encounter in just two minutes, the fastest goal of his career, with a beautiful curling attempt past Maty Ryan.

Argentina had more opportunities in the first 15 minutes of their rampage, but Australia eventually calmed down and started attacking Argentina on the break.

Midway through the opening frame, Emiliano Martinez made a terrific reaction save on striker Mitch Duke after his header from a Riley McGree cross gave them their best opportunity of the game.

In a close game, both teams had opportunities to score, but Argentina increased their lead when German Pezzella, on the attack, powerfully headed home a cross from Rodrigo De Paul after the Socceroos had made some poor marking decisions.

Australia attempted to score a goal that would have made the game more exciting, but Argentina was able to hold on and win thanks in large part to Messi’s ability to wow the packed Workers’ Stadium audience.

One individual stood out in Beijing in an otherwise star-studded Argentina team, several of whom were also on the World Cup-winning squad. He made sure that every fan returned home satisfied.

Every touch, run, and pass he made was met with shouts from the crowd along with squeals of excitement and astonishment. He did superbly to give his team the lead after two minutes, leaving defenders in his wake as he finished into the far corner of the net.

He contributed to the creation of the second goal, and in the second half, he pulled off a Houdini-like escape from the scrutiny of three Australian defenders.

Fans must cherish every opportunity he offers them to see him in an Argentina jersey because he is nearing the end of his international career.

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