Fantom Foundation awards $1.7M bounty for preventing $170M drain

[ad_1] The Fantom Foundation, a nonprofit organization developing the Fantom blockchain platform, has eliminated a significant vulnerability after a $550,000 hack in October. On Oct. 17, the Fantom Foundation suffered a hot wallet hack, with an unknown attacker draining 1% of Fantom Foundation’s funds. The foundation subsequently stopped using some of the affected wallets, reassigning … Read more

Scammers create spoof Blockworks site to drain crypto wallets

[ad_1] Phishing scammers have cloned the websites of crypto media outlet Blockworks and Ethereum blockchain scanner Etherscan to trick unsuspecting readers into interacting with a phishing site. A cloned Blockworks site displays a fake “BREAKING” news report of a supposed multimillion-dollar “approvals exploit” on the decentralized exchange Uniswap and encourages users to a faked Etherscan … Read more