The brand-new Fable on Xbox emerges from hiding with a massive Robert Ayoade

The brand-new Fable on Xbox

The witty fantasy role-playing game series Fable for the Xbox is (finally) returning. Developer Playground Games unveiled a new teaser for its Fable relaunch on Sunday at the Xbox Games Showcase, but they did not provide a release date for the Windows PC and Xbox Series X title.

Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh) will play the title character in the next Fable, which will undoubtedly embrace humour. Although the trailer for the latest Fable from Xbox and Playground Games showed Ayoade’s avatar defeating a fairy, or was it just a human of average size? size? Is Ayoade a huge person? Are those oversized pumpkins?

It still doesn’t have a release date, but Microsoft and Playground Games said the next Fable is an open-world action RPG where “myriad challenges, treasures, and stories await.”

After being touted as “a new beginning for the legendary franchise” at the 2020 iteration of Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, the new Fable has been in development for over three years. Playground Games, a developer best known for its work on the Forza Horizon racing series, will replace the shut down Lionhead Studios, which went out of business in 2016.

Prior to the Xbox Games Showcase, Xbox appeared to be teasing the re-release of Fable by tweeting a video with music from the games and a glitter trail. Believe it or not, this was a fairly contentious addition to the series in 2008. Fable 2 is notable for introducing a shimmering, golden breadcrumb trail that directed players to their next task.

As the simple name suggests, the 18-year-old RPG franchise is starting again with Fable. For the original Xbox, the first game, also known as Fable, was published in 2004. For the Xbox 360, two direct sequels as well as a variety of spinoffs were released. The most recent effort by Microsoft to bring back Fable was the cancelled Xbox One cooperative action RPG Fable Legends in 2016.

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